The IDS mobile network ia an MVNO partnership with Vodafone:

IDS can give you the opportunity through our MVNO Vodafone platform to tender for large connection accounts.

This is especially relevant when accounts have a low to medium ARPU, where mainstream networks and distributors may not support the commercials or tariffs required to win the business.

Our parnter benefits:

  • Recurring monthly revenues
  • Bespoke tariffs
  • Data bolt ons
  • Varying minute bundles
  • Data roaming
  • Ultra competitive PAYU line rentals
  • One bill solution for mobile and fixed
  • Combined landline and mobile calls at low intergroup prices

IDS Supports:

Our service and technical team will answer and resolve any issues relating to service, billing queries, sim swaps and email setup etc. As well as connecting or porting new clients.

This will empower your organisation and enable you to become a “one-stop shop’ for your customers communications needs. Speak to us today to discuss your larger client opportunities.

Mobiles Data Sheets

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