At IDS we offer a full portfolio of landline services to include:

Single Analogue Line – Single use of a phone line and number.

Multiple auxiliary analogue lines – This allows you to group together a number of analogue lines under a single telephone number,
enabling you to manage outbound and inbound calls at the same time.

ISDN2 – Perfect for small business telephone systems as it allows for two incoming lines and between 2 – 6 simultaneous external voice/data calls.

ISDN30 – Perfect for large business as it allows for a minimum of eight lines and up tp 30 lines per circuit.

Voice Over Ethernet – This is a cost efficient and simple solution to connect your business phone system to the UK telephone network, using next generation Ethernet and SIP Trunking IP based technology.

Leased Lines – A high speed secure bandwidth which can be used to link two geographically distant arms of the same business, they are constantly active which allows data to be transferred at all times. This is a secure, cost effective solution for heavy internet users.


  • Dedicated provisioning team to manage each installation and transfer smoothly and efficiently to ensure minimum lead times on all new contracts.
  • Online contracts for speed and efficiency of sign up for end user businesses.
  • Incredibly competitive buy rates coupled with market leading revenue share.
  • 24hour fault reporting enabling your customers to have piece of mind 365 days a year.
  • Bill tracking online enables you to view your customers spend at virtual real time intervals.
  • Easy to understand commission statements which lead to swift and accurate monthly commission payments.

Landlines Data Sheets

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