Assured IP

Assured IP is a broadband connection that gives your end user a guaranteed upload limit on
their service, this enables them to carry multiple voice calls without any contention issues.

What are the benefits of assured IP services?

  • Sell with confidence – we’ve removed a lot of the groundwork that is required when getting the access service in place
  • We’ll give you an initial indication of how many channels can be supported and remote testing confirms this before the service is handed over
  • Increased accountability – an end-to-end service managed by one supplier who gives you assured service levels for availability, time to fix, and voice quality
  • Speedy fault resolution – advanced monitoring & diagnostics across all service elements including routers
  • Work with IDS and benefit from a long-term, profitable partnership

How does it work?

Assured IP Services is available across our entire spectrum of Hosted IP and SIP Trunk services and is available throughout the UK. The latest DSL access products available on the UK market are used to deliver calls directly to the IDS voice platforms. Each service component has been designed and tested to work together.

Who do you sell it to?

Assured IP Services will be attractive to businesses that are looking for a Hosted IP solution that is fully supported by one provider, to stringent and effective service levels, with support for all elements of the service.

It will also be a viable option for businesses that may be considering a SIP trunk solution as an alternative to ISDN with guarantees.

Assured IP Data Sheets

Want to know more??

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